We will be hearing a lot of pontificating by the Clueless (the “journalists” and “columnists” who work in Washington and appear on cable TV a lot, or, as many have termed them, the Villagers) about how the this whole “attack on the Catholic Church” meme (which is, in itself, is mostly a matter of the mainstream media buying into GOP talking points one more once) means big trouble for Obama.

I am reminded of a cocktail party I attended in the early Fall of 1992, a few weeks prior to the Presidential election in which Bill Clinton beat Bush the Elder. The room was filled with Main Line types, all of whom were decrying or making fun of this interloper from Arkansas, for God’s sake, who would be crushed by the incumbent.

The Main Line types who were male, that is.

As I looked around the room at the faces and body language of the women there, fine Main Line wives whom I knew well enough to make a judgement, I was struck by something. “Every woman in this room is going to vote for Clinton,” I told myself, “and their husbands have no idea.”

That’s pretty much how I see the Catholic vote on this one.  Not breaking down on sexual lines exactly–although I think more women that men in all groups will be casting their votes in a pattern almost incomprehensible to those for whom the existent wisdom will forever triumph against any and all evidence–but rejecting cynical and crazy right-wing positions in the sanctity of the polling booth.

Then again, we have seen the White House cave before and there is little reason to not fear it will happen again.