One thing you can count on in contemporary politics: the Democrats will act as swiftly as possible to turn a winning situation into a liability and then cave in and help the hapless GOP look powerful again. It’s in their genes.

The bold emphasis below is mine:

It’s easy to see this as very strange, considering polling that shows an overwhelming number of Americans — including the majority of Catholics — support the White House move, and the idea of increasing access to contraception. Of course, those are national polls, and some strategists wonder if the House GOP has calculated this issue could hit Dems where it hurts: in “blue dog” swing seats with high concentrations of more religious voters.

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I spoke to several Democrats in DC charged with getting more Dems elected next fall. None of them were working on the presidential race. And to a person, they said the contraceptive issue will probably not play a major role in the general election. They see the sudden GOP interest in talking about the birth control pill simply as a means for the party to distract from bright economic news. Still, they said they expected Democrats to go their own way on this issue — meaning the White House could face more opposition from both sides of the aisle.