What a fascinating–and great–week this has been. I decided to take a day or two and start reworking the apartment, getting rid of things I don’t need, organizing things I plan to sell or give away (mostly books, long comics runs and the like) and refresh the look and feel of the living room/office area.

Did most of that, still need to get a couple of plants or two to brighten the place up even more, so that was very good. Anything that had to be put aside for determining its future and/or to put onto eBay or some similar serviced ended up in the bedroom, so that part of the place is a mess, but I’ll get it in in the next week (he said hopefully).

But none of that is what made it great.

I have a big wide filing unit in the corner of the office area, two components of two drawers each, one on the top of the other, standing about 5 ft. tall. When I moved here, the bottom component got jammed up so that the drawers won’t open, so my plan was to removed that and just keep the one unit which would be  about table height. I’d arranged with the maintenance folks here that I would empty out the top two drawers and they would come in and move the top unit  out of the way, take the bottom unit out to the trash and I would be all set.

Just before I started to empty those top two drawers, I gave the others one last try and damned if the bottom one didn’t open. And there I found…

a whole slew of family history notes and photographs, including several taped interviews I did with my mother about her childhood in a Dupont company village along the Delaware River near Wilmington

the complete 292 page manuscript for a book I wrote on commission two decades ago which never got published in that form (more about that in a later post)

All the notes and the finished treatments I did for a small independent movie producer in the ’80s for two incredibly good stories that he somehow never managed to sell; one of which I uncovered and brought to him so it is clearly mine even if the work on with work-for-hire

All the notes, menus and other records of a ten-day food and wine tour of Switzerland and France I took with my then wife and her mother in the early ’90s

Three reel-to-reel tapes that have to be 50 years old; I have no idea what’s on them or if I can even find a way to play them but try I will

This is amazing treasure trove of things I had thought were gone forever.

So, the full file unit stays as it is, the ambiance around here is a organized and neat as it has been since the day I arrived and I am feeling good.