There doesn’t seem to be much talk about it yet in the mainstream media, but it seems to me the current state of the GOP Follies has created a milieu in which a late entrant into the race is now more likely than ever. Florida will probably tell the tale, as Florida does so often in matters political. If The Historian wins big there, Mitt will be in deep doo-doo and the party establishment will be in full panic mode, if it isn’t already.

They cannot allow Gingrich to head the ticket and quite possibly bring down enough other candidates with him that the GOP would, improbably as it might have seemed not so long ago, lose control of the House and stay the minority in the Senate. The will have to call in a Stopper.

Do they have one? I actually don’t think so, but clearly Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, somebody of that ilk, would be dragged kicking and screaming  to what would still be a death march, but at least one where they might control the damage.

Meanwhile, there’s Governor Quitter lurking out there, still convinced she’s relevant. That scenario would pile nightmare upon nightmare onto the mess they’ve already reaped. This current snafu did not happen by accident; it is the culmination of the Republican Party’s playing to some of the worst elements in the body politic with ongoing messages of resentment and hatred which are becoming less and less coded and more clearly stated by the day.

We are about to see the most vicious, hateful, over-the-top political horror show of modern times. A side of that which nobody is talking about is that it is almost impossible to imagine that the building anger in this country which the GOP has been depending upon, and playing to, will not erupt into serious violence, somewhere, somehow, sometime. And then we will all reap the whirlwind they have so unconscionably sown.