Garrett Oliver on Facebook today:

The Republican race is starting to resemble some sort of zombie movie. Despite the dark machinations of evil geniuses, Romney won’t come to life, and Gingrich just won’t stay dead.

Maybe Garrett ought to give up brewing* and become a political commentator. This is one of his responses to people commenting on the post above:

Mitt’s going to find that there aren’t enough wooden stakes, garlic, or silver bullets in the world to stop Newt. To quote “Alien”, he’s “a survivor …unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.” The next scene is set in a graveyard somewhere in Florida. The surface of the dirt rustles…and fingers poke through, followed by the cold, grey hand of Rick Santorum….it’s gonna be awesome.

*Never, I say, never. Just joking.