I have discovered that my unhappiness with the way WordPress handles displaying reader comments on this blog is not a resolvable issue. Turns out that is a universal condition on blogs hosted by them, There is, and I use it over at Liquid Diet, an excellent widget available for self-hosted blogs where visitors can get involved with both the blogger-in-charge and others to get a discussion going on. It absolutely astonishes me that this option is not available as a matter of course to every WordPress blogger. Encouraging reader involvement would seem to be of fundamental value and keep bringing people back for more.

Nonetheless, a nice lady from WordPress support named Sheri suggested I might achieve what I wanted  by making adding the RSS feed for site comments as a widget. Look to your left and behold, it is so. This makes me happy. What makes me unhappy is that the only comments now showing are from Carl P, not because he is Carl P…okay, maybe a little because he is Carl P…but because comments around here are few and far between. This is a viable situation. Pick it up, folks. I need the feedback and if it’s not going to come then maybe it’s time to turn to more useful pursuits. Don’t make me take up knitting.