I believe it is fair to say that some guy named Greg Komlish  does not have a terribly high opinion of his fellow citizens

“Your typical American is an obese, gullible imbecile. They are venomous people with the same ethics as their corporate overlords with whom they actively collaborate. Their bigotry is easily manipulated by corporate media. They don’t give two shits about their own lives being thrown in the gutter as long as they get their chance to step on somebody even farther below them. They uphold sadistic beauty standards, even though they collectively are the most physically repulsive people on earth. They hate themselves for being ugly, stupid, shallow failures, but embrace religious fundamentalism to externalize that hatred onto everybody else. They are cowards who listen to right-wing radio so they can vicariously bully all the people they are too chickenshit to confront in person. It is a nation of Sarah Palins. So fuck them. They can take their patriotism and shove it up their huge asses.”

We probably deserve a lot of that, but, really, “a nation of Sarah Palins” is about as insulting as it gets.