I’ve been working on a slew of short stories of late, so when I saw news of a competition involving that format, with a financial reward to boot, I checked into it and then moved on to comments on the post announcing the event.


The word limit specified was 600 words. One of the first questions asked was whether a “90-page novel” would be acceptable. Several were along the lines of “I have no idea how to follow (your incredibly simple cut-n-paste) instructions to submit my story.” What finally blew my mind, though, was the “Is this fiction or non-fiction?” inquiry. As I was giggling, I scrolled down the the answer.

“It can be either one.”

I used to say that the reason it all fell apart was that the inmates were in charge. I’m coming to realize that we are all inmates now.

I really don’t drink nearly enough, no matter what anybody tells you.