I thought I’d start off the weekend with this email exchange between an old college friend (very much to the right, politically). He forwarded to me a post from the leader of a private email list of (mostly) lawyers like himself which discusses the political scene (back in the day, I used to get these from him regularly and often comment on them in the predecessors to/previous versions of Mermaids but I asked him to stop as all they did was set off angry emails between the two of us.

With more that you want to know now firmly on the record, here we go. First what forwarded to me:

Imagine a handsome, brilliant, athletic, slender church going family man running against:

A thrice married, fat assed serial infidelitor sanctioned by Congress for ethics cheating

A serial female molester and liar

A guy with IQ of 20 who cannot remember his “3 key points”

A Wall St elitist who made 100’s of millions buying companies, firing employees and celebrating by laughing about it while covered in his ill gotten profits, is member of nutty cult, and changes his world views with the slightest breeze

And my response:

Yesterday’s wisdom, I think, although it still might prove true. These are strange times and there is a growing segment of the populace who will embrace their heroes despite any and all facts which suggest they shouldn’t (see Joe Paterno). There is much more likelihood that conservatives will go to the polls in significantly greater percentages than the rest of the populace. And the Electoral College result does not always represent reality. Also, a third party candidate may emerge (although these almost always benefit the incumbent because they are more an option for those who dislike the incumbent than anything else and weaken his real opponent accordingly).

All that said, this is a sad commentary on the GOP’s current state. It’s an embarrassment, really, and probably too late for anyone else to jump in.

We’re gonna get Barack vs. Mitt, with little enthusiasm for either one.

Of course,there are still 12 months (almost) to go so all this pontificating is about as ephemeral as the ether in which we share it.