Big, wet and heayv snow started falling early this morning. These two photos show the view outside the front and back doors around 10am.

Buddy is not at all pleased with this turn of events. When I tried to take him for his walk this morning, he went maybe 50 yards, turned his head to give me the “are you kidding me?” look and refused to go anywhere but back in the house. When nature demanded to take its course an hour or so later, he reluctantly ventured out back.

This is him coming back in after maybe two minutes outside.

The snow slowed down, nearly stopped about an hour ago but now it’s coming down harder than ever. Looks like a couple of inches at least out back. What little grass you can see peeking through above is now totally covered and all traces of Buddy’s excursion are now gone. I wish the camera could capture the flakes coming down so you could see.

I just know that some big old tree with leaves still on the branches is gonna give in to the heavy load sooner or later and take out the power around here.