The Serious Republicans have become concerned over the 2012 Republican presidential field in general, and over Rick Perry in the specific. The other day, Podhoretz, showing the true loyalty to self of the career Legacy Hire, took to the pages of that deeply serious newspaper, The New York Post, which will publish anything written by a conservative that is not written in bodily humours, to moan about the quality of the help his party is being asked to hire. Quoth The Pod:

Stop proposing nonsense tax plans that won’t work. Stop making ridiculous attention-getting ads that might be minimally acceptable if you were running for county supervisor in Oklahoma. Stop saying you’re going to build a US-Mexico border fence you know perfectly well you’re not going to build. Give the GOP electorate and the American people some credit. This country is in terrible shape. They know it. You know it. They want solutions. You’re providing comedy. This is a serious time. It requires serious leaders. Where’s the gravity?

Who else but the inimitable Charles Pierce, tearing the GOP establishment a well-deserved new one for the horror show they created over the past three decades.  Go read every single word.