The Dems are apparently not going to give up; the villagers cannot comprehend this (bold emphasis is mine):

In a particularly interesting moment, reporters repeatedly pressed Reid to explain why he was going to force Republicans to vote this way, given that they have already said they’ll never support raising taxes. (It would be nice to see these reporters question Republicans as aggressively on why they won’t back policies that even GOP voters like, but that’s probably expecting too much.) But Reid refused to give ground, again and again pointing out that the public is on the side of Dems, and against Republicans, on this issue.

There’s been a feeling throughout the body politic for months now that something BIG is coming down the road a year from November. I am beginning to suspect that most of us are entirely off-base about what it will be. People are starting to pay attention to what is going on as opposed to accepting the story being spun with the acquiescence of a compliant press corps who would rather report a group narrative than tell the truth.

Also (if it matters given that they certainly don’t seem to care), Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich absolutely shamed themselves today with their statements on the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. George W. Bush, the puppet who signed off on Cheney and Rumsfeld’s phony war went even further by refusing to even comment, but I suppose his defense would be yhat he really wasn’t paying attention, then or now.

I hate generalizations, but it’s difficult to provide a coherent argument against those who say that the current GOP represents the worst of America and might logically be seen as willing to undermine the nation’s future in pursuit of regaining power and benefiting their corporate masters.

Both sides have corporate masters, understand, and in normal times that would be identifiable as the true heart of the problem. But the GOP 2011 seems not only entirely in thrall to them but also willing to go to any length to serve their demands. We have not seen anything like this in America in nearly a century in economic terms and even longer in terms of anti-intellectualism and efforts to tear down the wall between Church and State. We are in uncharted territory, a time and a place where facts and reason can be routinely dismissed (sometimes cynically but, I am becoming convinced, sometimes with real conviction) and the guardian at the gate, which is to say, a free and responsible press, either bows to power or cowers in fear.

But things are changing. There are people in the streets and they apparently will not be silenced. A general sense of how unfair the existing system is takes hold more strongly every day. Even though the Tea Party was always really nothing more than the GOP re-branding their base of angry old white people and those too indoctrinated to understand that they are championing their own demise, the fundamental anger the winger pols have taken advantage of so cruelly will turn on them.

To put it in simple and culturally recognizable terms: the truth is out there.

Hopefully, we are seeing the beginning of the last gasp of unfettered capitalism, a great economic force whose time has come and gone, its “winner take all” basis is more destructive than contributory in a 21st century world. Either that, or we are going to leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of a failed dream, done in by fear and stupidity.