Charles Pierce is a national treasure:

Haley Barbour’s not running because he knows that trying to beat the country’s first black president with a former bagman who talks like Boss Hogg and recalls the civil-rights movement as no big deal makes for some pretty sucky optics. Mitch Daniels is George W. Bush’s former budget director. Making him president would be like giving Joe Hazlewood another oil tanker. Paul Ryan is the man who wants to send your grandparents out on an ice floe, and his economic plan is as popular as the mange. Bobby Jindal had one moment on the national stage and turned into a national joke. Granted, Chris Christie is a more interesting argument, but I believe he knows the runway is clear in 2016 and, anyway, does he really look up to the last two weeks of a national campaign, when you do 19 cities in 15 states in three days? He’s not in any hurry, and I can’t blame him.

Pierce is referencing a column by Ezra Klein which asked “where are all the GOP heavyweights?” And then he mentioned the above as examples.

Seriously, he did.