There is a long and fascinating interview with Bill Clinton in the Financial Times. I heartily recommend taking the time to read it.

Rather than quoting extensively, a personal failing I am now committed to overcoming, I offer two brief Clinton comments on the difference between ideology and philosophy in politics to whet your appetites:

“Everyone should have a political philosophy … it’s good to be a little bit liberal or a little bit conservative, or a lot liberal and a lot conservative. The problems with ideologies is that you’ve got all the answers in advance, so evidence is irrelevant, experience is irrelevant, how the competition is doing is irrelevant.”


“You can’t convert the ideologues because they don’t care what the facts are. With the world as it is, you have to fight the fight you can win, and the fight you can win is economics.”

Seriously, go read the whole thing, if only to see his surprising comments about George W. Bush.