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NextDraft by Dave Pell

The Day’s Most Fascinating News

Tuesday’s Pick Six – 09.27.11

1. Dr. Java Will See You Now

As if any of us needed another reason to line-up at our local liquid drug dealer and load up on yet another cup of joe, there’s this: A large, new study found that women who drink coffee are considerably less likely to be depressed. And the more they drink, the more the rate of depression drops. Upon waking, my wife powers down three espresso shots submerged into an extra large cup of strong coffee, and I’ve got to report, she’s not depressed at all. A little talkative for those first few hours, but not depressed.


The Brand: Stanley Hainsworth. You might not know the name. But you know his work. Hainsworth created the Starbucks brand during its era of insane growth. Here he talks about building a brand that people love. “I think the best brands are those that create something for consumers that they don’t even know they need yet.” I’ve gone one step farther with this newsletter. Even after you’ve been getting it for awhile, you still don’t know you need it.


Too cool for Starbucks? Fortune pays homage to Blue Bottle.

2. Rubbing Salt in the Pepper Spray

An NYPD officer was caught on video as he used pepper spray on some peaceful protesters on Wall Street. The video went viral. Then the hackers who call themselves Anonymous went to work and exposed a lot of personal details about the officer. What scares you more: abusive cops or Internet vigilantism?

3. Christ(ie) Almighty

As the clamoring for a Chris Christie presidential run achieves a fevered pitch, NY Mag wonders just how happy some folks will be when they realize how liberal the NJ governor is on some issues. Warning: He trusts science.


In New Jersey, Christie has called for an end to the tax credit that benefits the producers of Jersey Shore. There goes the self-tanning vote.

4. Field of Bad Dreams

In Alabama, they got tough on immigration. Then the state’s farmers found out how tough it was to watch crops rot in the fields.

5. Fly the Overly Friendly Skies?

Former L Word star Leisha Hailey was removed from a Southwest flight after kissing her girlfriend. Things are getting a little weird over at Southwest. Recently, they’ve kicked folks off planes for revealing clothes, wearing baggy pants, being too overweight, public displays of affection, and lewd language. That’s why I only fly Virgin. They require most of that stuff.

6. Extra, Extra, and then some…

The Executioner’s Song: Jerry Givens has executed 62 men. “The person that carries out the execution itself is stuck with it the rest of his life. He has to wear that burden. Who would want that on them?”

– Google turns 13. Yes, we’re that old.

– Vitamin B-12 may be necessary to keep the memory working well.

– Making motor fuel out of wood.

– If you like football, you’ll love Gregg Easterbrook.

– Coke and Pepsi are actually battling for something good: to make the greatest strides towards developing plastic alternatives.

– The old school bookmarking site Delicious has been freed from Yahoo and is back.

– The Facebook chart that scares Google.

– Guns ‘N Roses are among the new nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Maybe Axl Rose will decide to get back together.

– A farmer in Ireland was surprised to see a shirtless Rihanna shooting a video on his land. He insisted that she keep her clothes on. Meanwhile, I’m buying an Irish farm.

– TV Tonight: Glee, Catching Hell (espn), Parenthood


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