Philadelphia Phillies’ veteran shortstop Jimmy Rollins in the issue of Philadelphia Magazine which will be released next week:

“You make some money, you get a little older, you get a little more conservative. Happens to everybody. I get that. You don’t want to be broke ever again. But I’m blessed to pay a lot in taxes. I have friends and relatives that go day-to-day. Every American deserves to feel secure at the end of their life. So if it’s going to lift two families up. go ‘head, tax me more. I can handle it. Best I know, everybody’s going to die. No one’s taking money to the afterlife.”

If we only had sound, you could hear the Tea Party crowd booing, even though most of them are in the same boat as his friends and relatives who are day-to-day. That is the saddest aspect of their ignorance.