Since I am the Official Photographer of Buddy, you folks rarely get a chance to see us together but today you can. The photo at right was taken by my friend Bryan Kolesar at a fund-raising event for the local SPCA which was held out front of the beer retail shop where I am in indentured servitude on site for a few hours one morning a week and 24-hours-a-day every day via email and telephone.

This was, at least since he came to live with me, Buddy’s initial exposure to a slew of others of his kind at once and he took it all quite well, even shrugging it off when a big bulldog slobbered all over his hind end and lying down allow a passel of smaller children to come over and pet him. He is not much for prolonged attention usually so I suspect the new attitude was a ploy to use his cuteness to show the rest of the canine crowd how it’s done.

It was not a total triumph for the little guy, however, and I hereby present a record of  his adventure in unrequited love.

A little vixen temptress gets his attention…

leading him to go astray….

then gives him the brush off…

to run off with a younger, better looking guy with more money.

T’was ever thus. Fortunately, after a couple of biscuits and some introspection time, he seems to be over it.