Florida’s Marco Rubeo is considered the ideal GOP vice-presidential candidate in many quarters, based on his big win in the 2010 Senate election in the state and that “son of Cuban immigrants” vibe that will surely send many a conservative heart a-flutter. The thing is, however, he does not match up well with the latest wingnut sweetheart, Rick Perry, because that would mean an all-Southern ticket, which is probably a “you all” too far. Also, given the GOP record on issues of importance to Hispanics, it’s not altogether clear that the conventional wisdom that Rubeo would crack that demographic is to be relied upon.

Who then might be an ideal Tonto to ride along with the Masked Rider of Secession?

The two female possibilities are the second level at present but their surviving the campaign in good fashion is highly unlikely. Sarah Palin is already a joke with half the populace or more and increasingly irrelevant and I’d expect Michele Bachmann will be in the same area but the time the convention rolls around given her current trajectory, never mind how desperately the late night comics* would like to see her hubby on the national stage.

Milt? It is to laugh.

The dream ticket is a wingnut wet dream: Perry / Santorum* 2012.

It would be a bold stroke allowing Perry to cement his bond with the bat-shit crazy segment if the party, the one that is growing larger day by day. He can lead the way with attacks on evolution, global warming, education and whatever other Limbaugh-approved hot button foolishness of the day is current. Meanwhile, loveable Rickie can offer up his wisdom on social issues, up to and including his already well-known opposition to sex with animals.

It’s a winner, guys. Go for it. I’ve even got your campaign slogan ready (you can thank me later):

Change that will scare you shit-less.

Of course, you will definitely lose Pennsylvania in a landslide, and most of the East and West coasts as well. but, hey, those Utah and Iowa electoral votes? Pretty much in the bag.

* A Santorum selection will more than placate the comedians because of this.