I did not waste my time watching the crazy people wrangle in Iowa last night so it’s unfair to offer any comments about it. From what I’ve heard, the take-away moment was when all eight participants swore they would reject even a compromise of 10 to 1, spending cuts v. tax revenue increases, if offered same, thus making as clear as is possible that deficit reduction is not their primary concern. I wonder if the famous (and non-existent) Liberal Media Elite will point that out. Suggestion: do not hold your breath.

There was apparently also a strange kerfuffle between Tim Pawlenty, whoever he is, and Michele Bachmann about whether or not non-aborted babies should be forced to smoke cigarettes or something. Very weird. You’re allowed to say “weird” about all the candidates except Mitt Romney, because if you say Mittens is weird, that’s anti-Mormon and Politico will find some anonymous source to say so and blame the Obama campaign. That’s become this week’s shared wisdom in the media village; look for to be repeated by a pundit near you.

With all those caveats, I acknowledge being a bad person because I cannot resist posting this comment which was made at Talking Points Memo in the aftermath of the evening’s fun. Yes, it plays into all my general convictions about the players and how they would perform, but mostly it is damned funny;

Stupidest thing I’ve ever witnessed.  EVER.  For real.  I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my time and that debate tops it all…even all the shit I did in my youth that involved playing with hallucinogens.  Seriously.  It was 2+ hours that contained not one single concrete answer or solution and instead focused completely and utterly on ideological political handjob blather.  Huntsman was a disaster…they hate him and he barely got applause (they want extremists not someone desperate to be seen as moderate).  Pawlenty is dead in the water without question.  Santorum riles the extremists religious nuts but they have nothing to offer, but Pawlenty is so bad he even beat him.  Bachmann is a fucking robot but gets applause by saying batshit crazy nonsense that they want to hear because hey, critical thinking is for ivory tower elitists, not know-it-all folksy wisdom types. Rondroid made all kinds of attempts to pander to the religious nuts and touch on weird points that aren’t really libertarian and it was embarrassingly fake.  Newtered was just as slimy, overly confident and pseudo-intellectual as you’d expect.  Cain is not even remotely to be taken seriously because he’s just plain stupid.  And, overall,  Romney escaped with a win for no other reason than everyone else let him look better by allowing him to stay as quiet as possible and answer as briefly as possible without any challenge.  A successful Orwellian circle jerk with the American psyche planted firmly in the middle as the ookie cookie.