I have little sympathy  and less respect  for Mitt Romney. Calling a politician a flip-flopper is almost meaningless these days, but Mitt is a classic example of the real thing.

Were it not for the presence among the Republican Presidential Pretenders of the despicable Newt Gingrich, who appears to be using his “campaign” to add to the coffers of his personal ventures much as Donald Trump jumped into the mix to promote his terrible TV show, Mitt would already be a shoo-in for Hypocrite of the Year.

What little sympathy I have comes from watching this sad creature desperately fleeing from the one good thing he ever achieved in his political career, the Massachusetts’ health care plan which was in fact the base from which what he and the wingnuts sneeringly call “Obamacare” which passed on his watch as Governor. How pathetic he looks, how small he must feel.

And how fitting it is that he, like so many others on the right who have embraced wingnuttia in desperation, surely spends the long nights fully aware of how history will judge him.