The entire history of America is filled with lessons for the current day and one of them is that pessimism is not an attitude that will be embraced by Americans of any political persuasion.  That was, although apparently no longer is, the message taught to the Repugnants by the Sainted Ronald Reagan, who was ever cheerful as he laid the groundwork for the collapse of the American dream.

Of all the reasons to know that the Grand Old Phonies are doomed in the 2012 election, that is the most significant and meaningful. As they proceed, week to week, to project gloom and doom and suggest that the only way to save the nation is to destroy everything that made it great, they dig deeper and deeper into despair and anger among the electorate.

That’s a good thing in the eyes of those of use who see them as the clowns, liars and opportunists they are, but it is a terrible thing when one considers the beast at the heart of the American Dream that they are unleashing.