Maybe that’s overstating it–okay, that’s definitely overstating it–but there is no denying that right now, and for the next several weeks, TV is lookin’ gooood.

Starting with the higher end channels, we have The Borgias on Showtime, Camelot on Starz (lots of nudity and sex, as you’d expect from a poor relative of the big time pay channels) and, coming this Sunday, Game of Thrones on HBO (incredible upfront reviews). And the marvelous Treme  returns on the latter a week later.

That’s a right nice lineup right there. But there’s also the very, very good The Killing on AMC  and, as of tomorrow night, the last season of Friday Night Lights debuting on NBC. Meanwhile, Smallville builds toward its final episode (over an amazing ten-year run) on the CW Network and Fringe, now renewed for another season by Fox, sets things up for a season-ending episode of the “nothing will ever be the same again” variety.

If the new season of Mad Men had not been postponed until 2012, that “Golden Era” thing would be difficult to refute.

Look, a lot of TV is pure crap and the whole money-saving {not( reality craze is an insult to our intelligence, but it is a great story-telling medium and, never mind the sneers of the elite and/or believe-themselves-elite,  quality counts. Right now, quality is dominant.

And it’s all right there in your own living room.