Here’s a wild theory about the whole Sarah Palin adventure I’d not seen before…

The GOP didn’t try very hard to win the [2008] election. The powers-that-be knew there was a major financial crisis looming even before primaries. They had created it after all. Sarah from Alaska wasn’t being used to win the election, but to lose it. They couldn’t tell her that, of course. The first black American president was going to occupy the Oval office and they had plans for him and for the country. They didn’t need to worry about any financial crisis or deal with any of the fall-out from it. Let that socialist, Kenyan, half-black, half-white Muslim guy deal with all that stuff. They were going to erect obstacles ahead of him every step of the way. Their goal was to create a climate of fear and resentment (they were already specialists in the fear part of it) so they could shift large portions of the country to the extreme right quite unashamedly. They wouldn’t be able to do that if the Republicans had won the election. No need to steal the presidency with their diabolical machines and a little help from the Supreme Court on this occasion. They’re opportunists, remember? They could bide their time for now. They had a plan.

[ … ]

When she falls, they will be done with Sarah from Alaska, ready to replace her with a less colourful, less tabloidy figure who would repeat exactly the same talking points, using exactly the same rhetoric, but this person would sound credible, sober and balanced. People who wouldn’t buy it from Sarah Palin might buy it from this new serious, intelligent sounding character. Sarah would have accomplished her mission, she would have made all the junk she spewed ad nauseam for two years a big part of the political discourse already and nobody would bat an eyelid.

I’d be willing to wager a substantial amount that there are at least a couple of dozen bad novels being written at this very moment based on a premise similar to this one.