Having said nice things about Ronald Reagan and, may I please be forgiven, Peggy Noonan in a recent post, I do want to make sure that my overall position on that terrible era is clear. Since the hour is approaching midnight and I am a clever sort who needs his sleep, I’ll let this guy make my point.

In historical terms, the only things Reagan has going for him as a GOP standard bearer are Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, the poster boys for presidential malfeasance in modern times. Yes, Bush was just a tool of Actual Non-Elected President Dick Cheney, but that’s a distinction without a difference in this instance.

And yet,  even though he was a terrible president, his stock may rise on the historical scoreboard as the GOP continues to sink into absurdity as a viable political party. In the end, the Teabaggers and those who quake before them may manage to make Ronnie appear almost reasonable.

Or, you know, not so much.