As silly as Washington has been for nigh onto 18-plus years now, it has never been quite so ridiculous as it is now.

The meme of the moment is “GOP takes over,” which is totally absurd. The Repubs have the House. The Presidency and Senate belong to the Democrats. The GOP cannot pass anything without either the President or enough scared Dems in the House joining them (granted, neither one of those ‘withouts” is beyond the realm of possibility).

The secondary meme is that the Teabaggers are going to drive what happens. This is driven by the desperate attempt of the Repugnant leadership in the House to pretend that they really care about some of the silly things that the Teabaggers do. To prove this, the will carry out their promise to “cancel Obamacare” in the House, a totally meaningless vote that will stop there and go no farther. They will also “investigate” everything while they are reneging on almost every promise they ever made. None of this matters.

The new majority has read a bowdlerized version of the Constitution on the House floor, about as silly a political scam as we’ve since since the Gingrich days, and this is treated as something important. Meaningless.

The Washington press corps and TV talking heads trot out all sorts of people most of us have never heard of, each one identified as the spokesperson/leader/high priest of some Tea Party organization or other that most of us have never heard of either, and each one sputters that the people will not stand for this. That too is meaningless.

The press, god love its depths of ignorance and ineptitude, covers all of this assiduously. And assure us, despite all the polling evidence to the contrary, that this is a “center right” country. The White House, seemingly as clueless a political operation as any we’ve ever seen, will react to all this stuff by moving more and more into some non-existent, non-partisan “center” that only they and David Broder seem to see. This actually has some meaning, as it gives credence to all the meaningless blather that inspired it. The Left will scream that this is greatest crime in the history of mankind and stamp its collective feet and be dismissed out of hand by all sides.

Why does none of this matter?

1. It is all bullshit.

2. It really doesn’t matter what the Republicans do, including screwing over the Tea Party folks every which way. Come 2012, all those folks will be with them–the phonies, the pseudo-Libertarians, the desperate old people who are frightened by a world they never made, the frauds, the Dick Armey-financed instigators, the seriously concerned pawns who are the victims of all the above. This is a fact.

And yet, there is not a person currently seen as a potential for the GOP nomination in 2012 who could come close to beating Barack Obama. We are going to spend the next two years engaged in a Great Farce where everybody pretends that the above is not the case and we will sink even deeper into the ruins we have made of the American Dream in the process.

I would weep, but John Boehner has turned even that very human manifestation of emotion into a political joke.