For years, the most ridiculous accepted wisdom in the mainstream political media (and let’s face it, the “most ridiculous” was a crowded field)  was the unchallenged belief that John McCain was the most perfect human being ever created (this is still accepted wisdom at Meet the Press, where they also believe to this day that Tim Russert asked tough questions and was a great reporter, go figure). The so-called Straight Talk Express, which was mostly McCain vamping for the poor ink-stained wretches as if he really liked them, was so laughable that we sometimes forget it was awful.

It’s nice to see that reality has set in.

His public fall has been spectacular, a consequence of politics–he “needed” to be reelected–and personal pique. He’s a bitter man now, who can barely tolerate the fact that he lost to Barack Obama. But he lost for an obvious reason: his campaign proved him to be puerile and feckless, a politician who panicked when the heat was on during the financial collapse, a trigger-happy gambler who chose an incompetent for his vice president. He has made quite a show ever since of demonstrating his petulance and lack of grace.

A commenter on that post has a more accurate picture of the current state of John McCain…

IMOHO, Senator McCain can’t get over that a relative unknown that he picked to be his VP candidate (Palin) upstaged him in the general election and then went on to completely eclipse his own star after the election. She’s relevant now and if he didn’t shamelessly whore himself out on the Sunday morning news shows nobody would pay any attention to him at all. He’s on a “Look at me!” mission to try to convince the rest of us that he’s still a player. He’ll change any position and say anything to keep himself in the news. He’s Paris Hilton with a dick. And wrinkles.

I’m pretty sure that nails it.