I have to say, because I am one of those guys who has to say stuff, that one of the funniest things going on in politics at present  is the citing all across the internets of Mary Landrieu as a noble hero by incensed left wingers, arguing that  her principled opposition to the Obama cave-in to the Forces of Darkness* is a badge of courage, because you know, history is dead and the future isn’t here yet and we all live in the moment.

Folks, when we behave the way the way they do, we lose. The Right Wing owns forever the realm of fungible reality. Becoming them is accepting the madness.

*Somewhere, I should note, a regular Facebook commenter with the initials AVM will likely go into apoplexy as a result of this post and its terrible, awful rejection of probity and politeness which he seems to believe is relevant to today’s political discourse. I feel awful. Someone please give him a good, solid chest-pounding until he is breathing again. Then direct him to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin and get back to me.