I have little interest in watching Keith Olbermann, who long ago moved from being somewhat amusing and even informative to a blowhard who is just the other side of the Sean Hannity coin. For the most part, MSNBC itself is a shrill and unwatchable as is Fox News.

What happened today, though, the suspension of Olbermann  without pay for an indefinitely period for making contributions to three political candidates this year, is bit puzzling. Yes, those contributions were against company policy. How is it then, that GOP contributors Joe Scarborough and Patrick Buchanan, also MSNBC employees, have not been suspended?

There is more to this story.

Not that it matters in the long run; once Comcast takes over NBC and all its properties, I’d say MSNBC as it now exists  goes in immediate life support.

Also, how in the hell is Pat Buchanan still employed anywhere?